Ministry of Environment and sustainable developpement (MEDD)

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  (Ministère de l’Environnement et de developement durable : MEDD) environment04
  •   Establishment: 10 October 1991
  •   Objective: Strengthening environment-related organizations
  •  Main duties: Proposal of environmental policy of the Government, Promotion the environmental legislation, Anticipation, reduction and removal of the risk for man, flora, fauna and all natural resource Cooperation of organizations related to environmental protection as subordinate, including the ONAS, the ANPE, APAL, CITET, ANER, the Land Use Planning Agency of the Equipment Ministry, the Environment Bureau of the Agriculture Ministry, the Environment Bureau of the National Economy Ministry, the Standardization Bureau, and the Quality Control Bureau
  • Decentralized structures: North littoral (Tunis), highland and plain of north (Beja), Center littoral (Sousse), South littoral (Sfax), the steppes (Kairouan) and Saharan South (Touzeur)
  • Duties of Local Offices: Environmental management within the jurisdiction, follow-up of project implemented by the MEDD, implementation of territorial plans, technical cooperation with local governments.
  • MEDD use an incitement system based in advantages of investments code or depollution fund (FODEP) that contribute by 70% of cost of the industrial depollution project. It uses also a performance awareness tools (mascots) to promote environmental education nearby of the large public and young children (Labib: fennec, Morjana: siren of sea, and Maya: water).
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